OUP – EP13 – Battle Between The Stars

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Sky’s the limit and space is the place! We return once again with the whole crew! It’s been a while and one of the mics was having problems, which may or may not include an on switch. Needless to say we were a little rusty. Ross leads off the conversation with hand-held gaming systems and talking about his sweet 3DS and thoughts on the PS Vita. Barry shows some experience in the Vita department, but 3DS leads with little to no competition in the hand-held department. Some other gaming is discussed as Ross updates us on Splatoon and speculation for the future. We briefly touch on Star War: A New Dawn which features Kanan from Rebels. We switch gears and talk about Gundam Origins Book I from Vertical and Hell Comes To Frogtown. Both of which should get their own show, really. We discuss Castlevania 3 and it’s jump to the small screen before going indepth with Rick & Morty being an intelligent cartoon in a world of stupid cartoons. Next, we cover Immolation which is a pamphlet sized independent comic from Zack Clemente and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (shop.rlopezortiz.com for your copy) and share some Kickstarter love. Mike brings up the monumental question: Star Wars or Star Trek? In Curtis’ dumb fashion that wasn’t enough so he forces the panel to give favorites and first SW movie memories. We finally round if out with another Star Wars novel: Death Troopers, which is a good zombie book set in the Star Wars universe.   –/–

3DS vs PSVita and Splatoon and online play – Opening  –/–

Quick mention of Star Wars: A New Dawn (Lucasfilm/Disney, 2015) – 14:58  –/–

Gundam Origin Book I (Vertical) – 17:45  –/–

Hell Comes To Frogtown starring Roddy Piper (New World Pictures, 1988) – 20:02  –/–

Possible Castlevania 3 coming to the small screen – 23:20 –/–

Rick & Morty (Adult Swim, 2013) – 24:52  –/–

Immolation by Zach Clemente and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Independent) and Kickstarter Mentions – 32:31  –/–

Star Wars vs Star Trek – 40:48  –/–

Star Wars: Death Troopers (Lucasfilms) – 01:07:10 –/–




It’s coming up fast, my favorite show of the year, HEROES CON!

I’m officially open for pre-orders and will be trying to take all that I can handle between now and the middle of June. Here’s a run down on pricing…

HEROES CON pre show commission list is now open! Here’s a rough break down of the pricing:

11×14 black and white $40

11×14 full color $60

11×17 black and white $80

11×17 full color $100

All black and white have gray washes and all full color are done in ink and watercolor.

These are full body (or mostly) and if you want more than one character I generally do 10 bucks extra per character.

I’m also going to take a couple 12 x18 watercolors for $200 each. That is going to be a very limited number though. Probably only 4.

If you have any questions about other sizes and…

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OUP – Introductions — First Episode

This episode with give you an idea of what we will be talking about. I’ve never been keen on the phrase “pop culture,” but I’m slowly coming around to it and that is basically what we cover. Want to talk about about comics? We’re there. Want to talk about wrasslin’? We’re down. Got a hot new video game you’d like to share? Hit us up. This introductory podcast with serve as the introduction to us and poke at our brains. Enjoy and contact us whenever and for whatever.

Click the link and hear the glory: